• Security and safety onboard

    Security and safety onboard

    With One Touch, there are so many ways
    to make public transport safer and more convenient
  • Strengthening airport security

    Strengthening airport security

    From state-of- the-art surveillance to scanning systems,
    One Touch maintains tight security needed in airports
  • We keep things secured and confidential

    We keep things secured and confidential

    Maintaining hospital and clinic security while keeping patient records
    in check is possible with One Touch
  • Foolproof key to security

    Foolproof key to security

    Stop unauthorized access and buddy punching with the
    most advanced biometrics and facial recognition system

All Solutions in One Touch


What two or more companies offer, you can get in One Touch. That’s what makes us an easy and best choice in solutions and systems integration.

Experience the One Touch advantage:

  • One-stop convenience where you find all solutions for your organization
  • Guarantee that all products complement each other and work together
  • All the assistance you need every step of the way from set-up to maintenance
  • Less time, less cost, and less effort for installation, maintenance, and upgrade
  • Quick response time with only one company to call should issues arise along the way