About Us

About Us


 About One Touch Communications

One Touch Communications, Inc is a premier international systems integrator and solutions

provider for major government sectors and businesses worldwide. We specialize in bringing together

and customizing security, network, and display solutions for various industries to as wide as cities.

One Touch Communications, Inc is a close partner of the Bluewave Group of Companies.


Our Core Values


We will stay true to what we have promised and agreed with our clients. We will make sure that our clients understand the systems and solutions being put together for them. We will always answer their questions and concerns in a clear, accurate, and honest manner.


We will take care and handle our clients’ organizations as if they were our own. We will take responsibility for the services we provide by ensuring their highest quality and reliability. Our clients’ success is our success.


We will introduce and pursue new and creative ideas and solutions that best answer our clients’ needs and optimize their operations.


We will take our clients’ needs seriously and deliver what we have promised and agreed with them from start to finish. Should our clients encounter issues along the way, we will tackle them with smart and timely resolutions.


In everything we do we will always consider the safety of our clients, our employees, and the environment.

Our Vision

For the world

With our solutions in every office, building, city, and nation, there’s a smarter world where people always get the most secure, stable, efficient, and convenient services

For the company

To be the trusted and top choice of government and businesses worldwide for their security, network and display needs

Our Mission

To our clients

As the world’s premier systems integrator and solutions provider, we will best understand the unique functions and needs of our clients. So we can bring together the best solutions for them.

To our employees

As the best place to work in, we will take care of our employees by investing in their capabilities, rewarding their efforts, and by creating opportunities for their career and personal growth.

To our shareholders and partners

As a thriving international business, we will deliver the highest returns to our shareholders and business partners, and to identify and apply ways to improve our competence and profitability.

To society

As an admired high technology company, we will conduct business while upholding national and international laws, respecting cultural differences, and standing by our core values.

To the environment

As a global corporation, we will strive to make a positive impact on the planet by providing only safe, long-lasting, and energy-efficient technology solutions that keep wastes to a minimum.

Our History

  One Touch Communications has grown to be the trusted security, network, and display solutions specialist of key government agencies and industry-leading companies globally because of our proven track record and expertise gained through the years.

A Start in the New Millennium

One Touch was established in 2000 as a telecom service wholesaler. When business process outsourcing was emerging in the Philippines, we rose to the occasion as a call center’s system service provider.

Growing Our Core Capabilities

From Computer Telephony Integration, Advanced IP Communication and Web-Enabled Communication, we developed our specialization to include top-notch security and surveillance solutions. We proved our reliability by being able to consistently provide robust hardware and software systems. We continuously consider the needs of organizations, and so decided to include network infrastructure and LED display to our solutions offering. With these, we have become a true one-stop solutions provider.

Extending Our Reach

Through our own expertise and strategic partnerships, we have created and developed reliable systems and services geared towards building the enterprise of the future. Not only have we become groundbreaking, we have become far-reaching as we widened our scope and traversed the fields of e-governance, enterprise, and properties.

Securing the Future

Tried and tested, we have gained an extensive and impressive range of local and international clients over the years. We continue to improve business operations and public service by making it smarter, more efficient and more secure with technology.