Caring through reliable security and network

Healthcare administrators and practitioners are finding new ways to provide security and comfort to their patients –so is One Touch. We customize the most up-to-date solutions that can help:

  • Ensure the safety and security of patients, guests, and healthcare staff
  • Keep doctor-patient confidentiality and manage medical records and data
  • Secure important areas like ICUs, emergency rooms, medicine storage locations, and others
  • Monitor for insider violations, hospital property misuse and sneaking out controlled drugs
  • Facilitate coordination and interoperability of the entire healthcare team and units

It’s a win-win solution

One Touch cares for you as much as we care for your patients. That’s why we provide security and network solutions that will also benefit you in terms of time and money spent.

  • No need for two or three solutions providers. One Touch has all the solutions you need.
  • No need to find products to go with your system. We have our own product line and reliable partners.
  • No need to worry if the products will work together. With one provider, they definitely will.
  • No need to make so many changes. Our solutions are custom-made and flexible.
  • No need to worry if things will come out fine. We offer 100% assistance every step of the way.

Get expert advice now

You know you’re in good hands from the moment you contact our experts. Just by knowing some of our recommendations, you can tell One Touch will be able to make a difference to your staff, patients, and guests.


Complete CCTV Surveillance Platform

Total surveillance with sturdy and multi-capable security cameras

Area Access and Restriction Control

Entrance and exit authorization for highly critical areas

Personnel and Resource Tracking

Navigation of key employees and critical items such as controlled drugs

Patient Data Management and Security

Data center that secures, stores, and processes countless records

Staff Communication System

Network and paging system for staff coordination and notification

  • Manufacturing


    Keep your production secure and moving so you can meet demands, increase profit, and prevent loss.

  • Enterprise


    Secure your business while you improve your profitability without spending too much time and money.

  • Government


    Serve your citizens while you control cost, handle risk, and ensure transparency at the same time.

  • National Security

    National Security

    Create and maintain a safe environment, and make faster, smarter decisions and actions when needed.

  • Healthcare


    Monitor and secure your facility from risks and illegal actions while keeping medical confidentiality.

  • BPO


    Answer current issues on personal data security while providing continuous customer support.

  • Transportation


    Secure transportation areas and manage traffic even during rush hours, late-nights, and bad weather.

  • Banking and Finance

    Banking and Finance

    Stay one step ahead of threats and competition as you give continuous convenience to clients.

  • Building


    Meet safety regulations and quality standards with less effort and zero changes to your building design.