Keep your entire production line going

Workforce productivity and equipment greatly affect your business’s ability to meet demands. With One Touch, you can keep an eye and hand on your production and be able to:

  • Record accurate employee attendance regardless of number and schedule
  • Track the flow of operation and the exact location of assets and employees
  • Monitor the whole manufacturing process even when you’re not there
  • Protect your employees, equipment, and properties from theft to sabotage to fire
  • Prevent disruptions in communication and performance for better output

One Touch produces the best results and benefits

For a highly demanding industry, only highly efficient system will do. Because of our proven solutions and our own products, we give you superior results and benefits:

  • Set-up is easy and faster with just one provider to do it all for you
  • Expect better performance with all products guaranteed to work together
  • Get technical support right away without contacting so many companies
  • Save time and money with one solutions provider that can work with what you have and can adapt and grow with your enterprise

Get expert advice now

Contact our specialist today and know how you can secure assets, improve productivity, and work with tight schedule –all without having to make big changes and spend so much money. Let’s get started with some of our recommendations.


End-to-end CCTV Surveillance System

Monitor and secure every area and aspect of the production line

Access Control and Asset Tracking

Decide area restrictions and pinpoint exact location of valuable assets

Advanced Timekeeping System

Track attendance correctly even with numerous employees and shifting schedules

Danger Detection and Alarm System

Check for work and security risks and implement fast and proper response

Cabling and Wireless Network System

Ensure continuous operation and increase flexibility and productivity

  • Manufacturing


    Keep your production secure and moving so you can meet demands, increase profit, and prevent loss.

  • Enterprise


    Secure your business while you improve your profitability without spending too much time and money.

  • Government


    Serve your citizens while you control cost, handle risk, and ensure transparency at the same time.

  • National Security

    National Security

    Create and maintain a safe environment, and make faster, smarter decisions and actions when needed.

  • Healthcare


    Monitor and secure your facility from risks and illegal actions while keeping medical confidentiality.

  • BPO


    Answer current issues on personal data security while providing continuous customer support.

  • Transportation


    Secure transportation areas and manage traffic even during rush hours, late-nights, and bad weather.

  • Banking and Finance

    Banking and Finance

    Stay one step ahead of threats and competition as you give continuous convenience to clients.

  • Building


    Meet safety regulations and quality standards with less effort and zero changes to your building design.