National Security

National Security

National Security

Top technology for the nation’s top priority

No other company understands the unique security and communication needs of police and other emergency responders than One Touch. We only provide the most cutting-edge surveillance and strong network system in order to:
  • Build a safe environment
  • Facilitate fast and accurate investigation
  • Allow highly informed decisions and quick actions
  • Avoid costs from damaged and loss properties, and operation errors
  • Create positive impact to citizens, tourists, and investors

Mission accomplished with One Touch

It’s a tough job to ensure national security at all times. That’s why One Touch is focused on giving the best results and benefits:
  • We are with you every step of the way. Now you can get the assistance you need from just one company.
  • One Touch can provide up to manufacturer’s level of support, so you get expert service and easy maintenance.
  • Our solutions are adaptable. We can work with any situation and can even adjust to the system you use.

Get expert advice now

When it comes to matters of national security, there’s no room for errors and delays. Here are some of our recommendations to make citizens safe, and to empower law enforcers and emergency responders. Contact our experts to learn more.


Community Surveillance Monitoring

From large-scale security system to intelligent video analytics

Crisis Communication and Management

Interoperability and coordination for an effective emergency protocol

Integrated Command and Control

Central location for all information, operation management, and security system

Vehicle Access Control and Management

Admittance, deployment, and tracking of police and other emergency vehicles

Backup Storage Solution

Expandable storage and remote viewing capacity for immediate access of historic data

  • Manufacturing


    Keep your production secure and moving so you can meet demands, increase profit, and prevent loss.

  • Enterprise


    Secure your business while you improve your profitability without spending too much time and money.

  • Government


    Serve your citizens while you control cost, handle risk, and ensure transparency at the same time.

  • National Security

    National Security

    Create and maintain a safe environment, and make faster, smarter decisions and actions when needed.

  • Healthcare


    Monitor and secure your facility from risks and illegal actions while keeping medical confidentiality.

  • BPO


    Answer current issues on personal data security while providing continuous customer support.

  • Transportation


    Secure transportation areas and manage traffic even during rush hours, late-nights, and bad weather.

  • Banking and Finance

    Banking and Finance

    Stay one step ahead of threats and competition as you give continuous convenience to clients.

  • Building


    Meet safety regulations and quality standards with less effort and zero changes to your building design.