Towards a safer, satisfying travel experience

Now there are better ways to secure open, busy, and people-packed roads, stations, and airports. One Touch solutions bridge the gaps in security and management of transportation systems to reach:
  • A safer and smoother way to travel
  • Better traffic management and crowd control
  • Crime and accident prevention and protection of public properties
  • Smarter and faster incident response
  • Continuous operation under tough conditions

Don’t let these benefits pass you by

Land, aerial, and maritime transportation covers a huge area. It’s easy to think and expect that installing technology systems for it will be time-consuming and expensive. But it doesn’t have to be with One Touch.
More ways to save time
  • With just one company to call, planning, integration, and technical support take less time
  • One Touch traffic management solutions help reduce travel time
  • Our stable and reliable connection makes coordination and incident response faster
More ways to save money
  • One Touch surveillance system prevents property repair and replacement costs
  • One Touch solutions can help manage traffic and prevent the loss of income and profits
  • Our flexible solutions and state-of-the-art products make the most of your investment

Get expert advice now

Our experts are available for you. Let us discuss your needs and our solutions. Here are just some of our recommendations.


Live CCTV Monitoring System

Real-time and continuous monitoring of all cameras in operation

Centralized Monitoring Solution

Monitoring and control of thousands of DVRs from a central location

Traffic Monitoring and Management

Access to real-time and recorded traffic condition and information

Crowd Control and Boarding System

Monitoring and screening for potential threats in stations and platforms

Risk Reduction and Incident Response

Prevention and response during emergencies and tough weather condition

  • Manufacturing


    Keep your production secure and moving so you can meet demands, increase profit, and prevent loss.

  • Enterprise


    Secure your business while you improve your profitability without spending too much time and money.

  • Government


    Serve your citizens while you control cost, handle risk, and ensure transparency at the same time.

  • National Security

    National Security

    Create and maintain a safe environment, and make faster, smarter decisions and actions when needed.

  • Healthcare


    Monitor and secure your facility from risks and illegal actions while keeping medical confidentiality.

  • BPO


    Answer current issues on personal data security while providing continuous customer support.

  • Transportation


    Secure transportation areas and manage traffic even during rush hours, late-nights, and bad weather.

  • Banking and Finance

    Banking and Finance

    Stay one step ahead of threats and competition as you give continuous convenience to clients.

  • Building


    Meet safety regulations and quality standards with less effort and zero changes to your building design.