Getting solutions for your enterprise is better than getting units of CCTV cameras, cables, and other equipment. That’s because with solutions you get all the devices and components integrated and customized to create a system that works for you. So you don’t have to think about what device is best to use and where to strategically place your product. One Touch does them all for you.

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One Touch meets all your organization’s needs

We give your enterprise all it needs to operate securely, smoothly, and continuously so you can focus on more pressing matters. With just one company to provide everything you need, you can:

  • Save time and effort with no need to search for other solutions provider
  • Be sure that all products and solutions come together and work together
  • Get faster and better technical assistance with up to manufacturer’s level of support
  • Network Solutions

    Network Solutions

    Network infrastructure lets the whole team communicate and collaborate to achieve common goals.

  • LED Display Solutions

    LED Display Solutions

    LED display uses clusters of light-emitting diodes to produce engaging videos and visuals.

  • Safety and Security Solutions

    Safety and Security Solutions

    Physical security involves the safeguarding of establishment, premises, valuables, and people.