LED Display Solutions

LED Display Solutions

LED Display Solutions

Make your brand and message impossible to ignore

What is LED Display?

LED stands for light-emitting diode. LED display uses many of these light sources as pixels to produce stunning visuals and videos. It has many uses from simple queuing system to as grand as an outdoor advertising medium.

Printed Display VS. LED Display
Printed Display
  • Changing and updating is done manually, time-consuming and expensive.
  • It’s static, not memorable, and more likely to be overshadowed and ignored.
  • It’s very limiting. Basically, you can only have one message per poster or billboard.
  • When placed outdoors, they are hard to see in a distance and need their own source of lighting at night.
LED Display
  • Changing and updating of content can be done using a computer.
  • It produces brighter colors and can use movement and special effects making your display eye-catching and memorable.
  • It’s programmable. You can run multiple images and messages in one display.
  • Most outdoor LED display can be seen from far away even at night.

Outdoor LED Display

Get your message out in the streets, on the side of freeways, and open spaces

Indoor LED Display

Talk to your customers and guests while inside stores, offices, and trade shows

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    Network Solutions

    Network infrastructure lets the whole team communicate and collaborate to achieve common goals.

  • LED Display Solutions

    LED Display Solutions

    LED display uses clusters of light-emitting diodes to produce engaging videos and visuals.

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    Safety and Security Solutions

    Physical security involves the safeguarding of establishment, premises, valuables, and people.